Unfinished- by Priyanka Chopra

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In the memoir that she admits is a look back at her life so far, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, gets surprisingly candid about her struggles as she fought to reach where she is now. From a normal girl in Bareli she shot to superstardom in India and while many might have stopped at that, assuming they have conquered the world, Chopra Jonas was always in search of the next challenge.

In the moving piece, aptly named Unfinished, she talks about her journey to the west, of starting over from scratch to reinvent herself as the global celebrity she is today. Keeping aside your ego and building yourself again in front of an audience for whom you are a nobody is not an easy task. But her hard work and mettle never failed her, and even Hollywood had to concede. Today, she is the first Indian woman to headline an American TV series, the first Indian woman to get a solo cover on the American Vogue and much more.

The memoir comes with deeply personal moments from her life, starting from her beginnings as a contestant of the Miss India pageant, her relationship with spirituality as well as the close bond she shares with her parents. In a memorable moment, which she later spoke about in her appearance with talk show host Oprah Winfrey, she mentions how her mother had manifested her relationship with her partner Nick Jonas.

Now happily settled in her hillside home in Los Angeles, Chopra Jonas sat down to pen her book in the unexpected time she was granted due to the worldwide covid-19 lockdowns. In her own words, it is a book that looks back at her twenties, at the insecurities and uncertainties that she can now leave behind, as a self-secured woman in her thirties.

The memoir, which is already on the New York Times Bestseller list, is certainly worth a read. It’s not merely the story of a Bollywood star, but the saga of a normal girl who dared to dream and reach out to touch the stars. It is also a sneak peek into the world behind the glitz and glamour of the showbiz industry, a story that makes you realise the humanity of the stars on the silver screen.

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